• The coach is able to focus attention on the important aspects of delivering to the client!

    The coach is able to focus attention on the important aspects of delivering to the client!

    Ability to manage work progress and take responsibility for students - Ability to focus attention on what is important to the customer and delegate ICF certification responsibility for taking practical action to the business customer.

    a. Clearly ask the client to take action so that they can achieve their stated goals;

    B. Ask questions to track whether the customer has implemented the actions he committed to take in the last meeting;

    c. Affirm what the client has accomplished, not accomplished, learned, or perceived since the previous meeting;

    Effectively prepare, organize, and review the information obtained during the client meeting;

    E. Always keep the client focused on the coaching plan and results, agreed action plans, and set topics for future conversations;

    f. Focus on the coaching program, while being able to conduct situational analysis in response to the progress of coaching and adjust their behavior and actions through changes in the direction of the session;

    The ability to grasp the general direction of the client's vision and to guide the conversation as the main axis of the premise;

    H. Promote customer self-discipline, so that customers are responsible for what they have said they will do, the results of the actions they want to take, and the specific plans for the relevant time interval;

    i. Improve the ability of corporate clients to make decisions, face an important research issue, and develop self-education (get timely feedback, set priorities, set a learning rhythm, reflect and learn from social experiences);

    Key Skills Assessment Aspects:

    1) The coach can work fully with the client to create ways to measure progress and give credit to the client;

    2) A methodology that integrates the ability to manage progress and accountability in business management is appropriate for the client;

    3) The designed accountability framework and methodology has a pragmatic value for the client company, is relevant to the content of the conversation, and is in line with the company's client's agenda and expected research results; 4) The designed accountability framework and methodology is in line with the Chinese client's way of thinking, learning, integrating development and social creation; 5) The coach believes that the information from the client can take responsibility for taking action.

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